The Crypto ECN

The leading institutional Crypto ECN (Electronic Communication Network) with the widest OTC network for optimized liquidity and execution in a secure, risk controlled environment
Built to Trade Digital Assets; Designed on TradFi Workflows
We have built a sophisticated, non-custodial platform which provides institutions a trusted solution with a secure and familiar trading environment.
Anonymous multi-participant ECN centrally cleared by a prime broker.

Gain immediate access to the full ecosystem of liquidity providers including OTC brokers, prop desks, exchanges and HFTs.
Disclosed ECN
Disclosed ECN
Bi-lateral, disclosed liquidity aggregation.

The same quality of execution to your selected group of disclosed liquidity providers.
Hybrid ECN
Hybrid ECN
Combine a Disclosed ECN with the total liquidity reach of the Anonymous ECN.

A truly unique liquidity offering.
Trusted by World Leading Crypto Trading Institutions
Join the ranks of leading institutions who trust us for secure and seamless crypto trading. Experience the power of our innovative technology and familiar trading workflows.
OTC Brokers
Hedge Funds
Retail Brokers
Asset Managers
Streamlined Crypto Trading with the Most Intuitive Experience
Quality Execution
Quality Execution
Algo-driven sophisticated SOR (Smart Order Router).
Our GUI and API infrastructure provides ease to trade across an ecosystem of integrated streaming liquidity across a wide source of venues.
Gain additional liquidity with every new Maker onboarded. We will take care of managing the liquidity, analyzing the performance, and working with the Makers to ensure an exceptional trading experience.
Risk-Controlled Execution
Risk-Controlled Execution
While we focus on the execution, we leverage prime brokers & custodians as a central clearing agent to be your counterparty to the trade that will handle risk and efficient net settlement of all activities.
For Makers
Access a diverse network of Takers.
Tailor your liquidity by providing multiple feeds (retail, institutional, firm, last look, etc.) and improve your trades based on our liquidity reports that include market share and rankings for each asset.
For Takers
GUI or API integration point of access to a wide network of Makers. Enjoy a unique diverse liquidity base across all types of liquidity providers. Cypator manages liquidity for you, ensuring a high fill ratio and price improvements on execution.

Everything you need to know

An ECN is a highly efficient trading model from traditional finance and is highly suitable for the dynamic and constantly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. With our robust, low latency, and highly scalable technology, the ECN creates a network of Maker and Takers who can trade with each other without requiring bi-directional relationships or onboarding. Connect once, trade with all!

For Makers, we provide direct distribution of last look-based streaming quotes to a network of Takers. With a light onboarding and once the initial connection is established, any new Taker on the ECN automatically becomes a client of the Maker.

For Takers, we provide Liquidity-as-a-Service with tight liquidity once a login or API connection is established. Any new Maker on the network automatically is a new liquidity provider and liquidity is monitored to ensure quality trades and a high fill ratio.

Yes. Cypator is an execution-only, non-custodial trading platform whereby settlement is conducted by 3rd party prime brokers and custodians to ensure proper separation of functions, thereby avoiding conflict of interests. In addition, Cypator undergoes penetration tests to ensure security on the platform is not compromised.

Our network of Makers provide quote based streaming liquidity which is aggregated and presented to the Takers. A Taker will send an order which our Smart Order Router will split and route to one or more Makers. The Maker will decide if to accept the order and generate a trade. Once a trade is done in real time, drop copies are sent to the prime broker and custodians

Please click Contact US to sign up

Please click Contact US to sign up.

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    Institutional trading ECN Cypator launches to power frictionless crypto trading
    • Institutional grade, anonymous, credit-based execution network Cypator is live
    • Partnership in place with prime broker Hidden Road
    • Powered by best-in-class cloud and web technology
    • Founded by experienced management team led by Ayal Jedeikin, ex TradAir
    Cypator is a natural
    addition to the roster of
    execution venues available
    to Hidden Road’s clients
    Michael Higgins, Global Head of Business
    Development at Hidden Road