CryptoStruct and Cypator Join Forces to Enhance Algorithmic Crypto Trading

Traders to benefit from comprehensive
market access and trading resources

Hamburg and Tel Aviv, 2 October September 2023 – CryptoStruct, the all-in-one algorithmic trading solution for high-frequency traders and market makers in crypto markets, and Cypator, a digital assets trading Electronic Communication Network (ECN) for institutional players, have joined forces to bring traders a cutting-edge solution.

The partnership between CryptoStruct and Cypator is set to combine the strengths of both companies, creating a seamless and efficient trading environment for users. Cypator’s ECN will now be readily accessible to traders utilizing CryptoStruct’s state-of-the-art trading software and infrastructure. Enhanced liquidity access, simplified onboarding procedures for market makers, and access to efficient trading tools and infrastructure will enhance the trading experience and profit potential for algorithmic cryptocurrency traders.

Cypator has emerged as a standout player in the digital assets trading space, offering unique benefits to market players who want to manage counterparty risk and diversifying liquidity sources in a non-custodial fashion. It recently announced that it has attracted significant client participation – more than 20 market participants are now signed with a further 50 large trading institutions in advanced stages of contract negotiations. Cypator has successfully cleared more than 100,000 crypto trades with Hidden Road prime brokerage.

CryptoStruct is the go-to solution for algorithmic trading in the dynamic world of crypto markets. The company is dedicated to delivering a smoother and more reliable trading experience for its customers. CryptoStruct provides a cutting-edge, user-friendly strategy development kit and trading runtime, empowering trading firms to devise and implement their unique trading strategies within an event-driven framework. This enables clients to expand their trading strategies across various exchanges seamlessly, focusing on crafting profitable trading strategies.

Thomas Schmeling, CEO of CryptoStruct, commented on the partnership, stating, “In the dynamic world of crypto markets, it is essential to stay ahead. This partnership embodies our commitment to providing traders with unparalleled tools and resources. Together with Cypator, we are empowering traders to navigate the crypto seas with precision.”

Ayal Jedeikin, CEO & Founder of Cypator added, “We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with CryptoStruct which is another step forward in our commitment to enhancing the trading experience for both Makers and Takers. With this collaboration, Makers can seamlessly disseminate quotes to Takers, streamlining the onboarding process. Takers will now enjoy streamlined access to robust liquidity, and as we onboard new Makers, the liquidity landscape continues to strengthen. This partnership underscores our focus on delivering a user-friendly, institutional-grade trading environment within the dynamic digital assets industry.”



About CryptoStruct

CryptoStruct provides an all-in-one algorithmic trading solution for high frequency traders and market makers in crypto markets. We provide normalized low-latency market data, trading access and a strategy framework which easily enables you to write your strategies, running on your own servers or cloud setup.


About Cypator

Cypator is an Electronic Communication Network (ECN), addressing the needs of institutions to trade digital assets in a liquidity optimized, risk controlled and transparent manner. Built to trade digital assets and designed on tradFi workflows Cypator resolves the unique liquidity, workflow and technological challenges of trading through a Prime broker in a disclosed and undisclosed manner or directly via a custodian. By bridging the gap between traditional & new, Cypator’s ECN provides a unified access to trading digital assets, cleared though your prime broker and custodian setup.


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